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Yellow True Grenadine Tie

Yellow True Grenadine Tie

SKU: 0018

Arguably, the Grenadine tie is the pinnacle of silk ties. Many gents opt for a plain silk tie when accessorising a suit for business, possible add a print for those weekend occasions or choose something bespoke for those personal events. These ties surely portray class but a step beyond this is the Grenadine tie. The pinnacle of silk ties with a true reflection of a gentleman’s luxury and refined style that is universally worn for almost any occasion. 


Our Yellow True Grenadine Tie is hand made using 18th century methods to ensure you have flawless and timeless tie.Check out our blog here to understand this stunning tie in more depth.


  • 100% Silk, Hand Finished
  • 100% Silk Lining 
  • 8cm Blade Width
  • Approx 59 1/2 Inches Long
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Made in Italy